Hi, I’m Crunch.

Crunch, a South Asian woman with long highlighted hair, stands with her hand on one hip. She is wearing a white halter dress and has her mouth open in a wide laugh. There is lush green rainforest in the background.

My full name is Crunch Ranjani Rajandran - yes, that is my legal name. I am a cis-gender heterosexual female and I use she/her pronouns.

I was born and raised in Singapore, a stable and wealthy country with a world-renowned education system which I benefited from. My parents are not divorced, and my family is (upper) middle class - I always had food to eat, a roof over my head, and other necessities (and some luxuries) provided for me. Until I was an adult, I did not have to work to help provide for the family or for my own needs.

My ancestors are South Asian. We are Tamils, and my family is Hindu (although I don't practice). I grew up speaking English and Tamil at home, and am currently fluent in Spanish as well.

I am 33-almost-34 years old and occupy a slim, able-bodied, dark-skinned body. I have had the opportunity to study Business and Political Science at University on a full scholarship and to travel the world. I am debt-free and currently have temporary residency in Mexico.

I list some of these identities that I hold not to brag or to boast, but to highlight the fact that where I am today, who I am today, and how I show up in the world has a lot to do with things outside my control. I am fortunate to be born with many privileges and to have received many opportunities throughout my life.

I list these identities as a recognition for myself that I have power and I have privilege, that I have the ability to help create change in the spaces and communities I am a part of. I envision a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse world, where people like me and people not like me have a chance to exist and realize their potential and share their talents and stories with the world. I dream of a world where all of us are free from the various systems of oppression that dictate much of how we exist. It may sound idealistic, but hey, if we aren't even dreaming about an ideal world, we're never going to create it.

This space is where I share some of those dreams, some of those ideas, in the hopes that it might shift someone’s perspective or shed new light on something that has been shrouded in darkness, or even just make someone feel like they’re not alone in this fight.

Some of what I share will make some people upset, and it may cause you to feel uncomfortable. You have the choice to sit with it or examine where these feelings come from, or simply click away and find gratification elsewhere. I am also certain I will mess up, I will say/do the wrong thing, I will hold misguided beliefs. But I will show up, and I will admit when I'm wrong, and I will try to do better. I am learning.

The work to create a better world for us all will not be easy, nor will this path be straightforward and clear, but I think that we'll get there someday, together. Will you join me?

Dreaming of a better world for all of us,
❤️ Crunch

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